20 facts on me that might surprise you

So you think you seen, know everything about me. Well folks, I’m only getting started. Here are 20 facts on me that might surprise you.

Someone recently accused me of not being who I claimed to be. This person accused me of being some overweight middle age man who lives in a prison cell and only have access to the internet. I of course laugh, I mean the bloody cheek of that person. As if I’m an overweight middle age man…ewww!! It sends shiver down my spine if people really think that.

I’m a small 30 something woman who lives in her own home with her husband, though I am a little overweight but I’m working on it and I do have access to the internet. So that person got at least two things right about me. Still not a middle age man.

Which does highlight to me that, do we really know the person behind the screen or blog? I am who I say I am. But what about other people who also claimed the same? We only see their pictures or videos, never in person. Unless you go to a blogger event, I suppose.

Overall what I’m saying is, how do you really know a person when it only through their blog? You only know the person through what they have written, photograph or filmed.

So you all finally realize that I really not a middle age man who lives in a prison cell, here are 20 facts on me that might surprise you.

  1. The first time I went on a rollercoaster was when I was 18 and I just met my husband.
  2. I use to ride on a back of a motorbike.
  3. I’m a speed adrenaline junkie. I have the need for speed.
  4. I first started to watch horror movies when I was 21 and the film was the modern day version of the house on the hills. A lame film but at the time it really scared me.
  5. I vow to never ever see any of the Saws/bloody massacre film franchise. Nope not for me.
  6. I do like to ghost hunt but I often do it on my own.
  7. I’m double jointed.
  8. Halloween for me is all year round.
  9. I’m never happy with my hair.
  10. Since I was a young girl I have always changed the colour of my hair.
  11. I either wanted to be a red hair girl or have pink hair like the girl in Grease.
  12. I’m too scared to dye my hair pink, though I really want too.
  13. In my teen years I was an emo goth. And yes I dyed my hair black and wore black makeup.
  14. I still play the sims.
  15. I still collect teddy bears/soft toys.
  16. I only like sweet & sour chicken in Chinese food.
  17. I’m someone who will looks up spoilers of movie before seeing it. So I’m not totally heartbroken if there a death within the film.
  18. I once shared a lift with Terry Wogan, though I don’t remember it.
  19. I have chocolate for breakfast on most day, on others it’s a boiled egg with soldiers.
  20. I once met Matthew Williamson.

These you go, do you feel like you know more about me? Those were my 20 facts on me that might surprise you.