10 Things That Made Me Blissfully Happy This Week

I was thinking about making a list while doing my early morning swim and it was kind of fun thinking about what made me smile this week. So let me share with you 10 things that made me blissfully happy this week.

Taking up Swimming again

Oh my god, the pure bliss of taking up swimming. I haven’t been swimming for about 4 years now, and it feels so good to be in the water again. Ok, I will admit I’m not a water baby or anything, and I still swim with a float. But just having the luxury of floating around in water is just heaven. Now I’m not the most confident swimmer, and yes, I still use a float, and I will freak out if my feet can’t touch the bottom of the pool – but I don’t let all those things stop me.

This freaky warm February weather

The last week of February, the weather turned up a notch, and it felt more like May than February. It was nice, but I found it so freaky weird. I suddenly found myself stumbling around trying to find spring clothes to wear.

Losing 3LBS of weight

Oh yeah! Discovering that I lost 3lbs of weight in one week is a real fist-pumping moment. All your hard work from the week is paying off and that less weight you need to worry about. Slowly but steady I’m getting there. Before you know it, I will be supermodel ready. Ha yeah right.

Starting a secret SW diary gram

Well, it no longer a secret I suppose. But I have set up a Slimming World diary Instagram to help me with my weight loss progress. However, it is private, and I’m not letting people in. But if I’m honest, it just filled with slimming world foods and tips.

Unplugging the block in my brain

I had writer block – along with blogger block, and for weeks it felt like there was a massive plug in my brain. I would stare at the computer screen and stare at it blankly waiting for something to come in my mind – and usually nope nothing. So I had no idea why I had this block, but hopefully, it is now unplugged, and I can carry on as usual.

Visiting HMS Belfast along London Bridge

I have walked past HMS Belfast a hundred time, but never realise that I could go on board and visit it. This is an old WWII cruiser that was used by the royal navy. It was interesting to walk around, and you realise how cramp it must have been onboard during wartime. So yeah, if you are looking for new things to see in London – then I recommend HMS Belfast.

Walking along the Southbank

As it was a beautiful day and we have freaky February weather, we decided to walk from London Bridge to Waterloo – which is a longer walk than it looks on the map let me tell you. But we discovered new things that we never noticed before. If you want a good walk, then walk along the Southbank.

Happy we out of winter and it now spring

Despite the freaky weather, I am now glad that winter is over and spring is here. Warmer weather and finally a chance to do more things outside. We both said that we want to visit and go out to more places this year.

Watching Fawlty Tower

So freaking funny. This never fails to put a smile on my face. You know the jokes so well, yet it still makes you laugh. A pure brilliant comedy that never gets old.  Manuel.

Baking brownie

I know this isn’t going to help me with my weight loss – but how could I not bake some brownie. Yeah, I used one of those ready-made easy baking kits, but it does save time and washing up.

Those were the 10 things that made me blissfully happy this week. What things made you happy in the past week?

What do you think?

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10 Things That Made Me Blissfully Happy This Week

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