Today for all my American readers, its thanksgiving. I don’t celebrate but it hasn’t stopped me from being thankful. So here are 10 things I’m thankful for 2017.

I wish we did celebrate it over here in the UK, I mean we already go crazy for black Friday. So I think it only natural we would say thanks the day before we go shopping crazy.

I think so often we forget to say thank you, or even a cheers. When someone doesn’t something nice, or gestures out of the corner of their heart; we can’t help but think there a hidden motive behind it. So we don’t tend to say thank you. Well, I always say thank you as I was brought up to be a polite girl, but some other people aren’t like that.

But you have to wonder why is saying thank you so important? I like to think It not just common politeness, but also a kind acknowledgement of a gesture when someone says kind words or hand you something.

So I do like the idea of Thanksgiving as it gives you that one day to say thank you to the universe, or to anyone that is close to you. I like to think everyone sits around a table and raise a toast and cheers for a great (or not so great) year.

This has inspired me to create my own thankful list. Cause I will be raising my own toast today and saying cheers to the universe for another great year.

Here are 10 things I’m thankful for 2017:

  • An awesome husband who let me be me. Who laugh at my quirks, my stupidity and my general rubbish humour. I can just be myself around him and not worry what he thinks.
  • The complete freedom to do anything I want.
  • And also the complete freedom to go anywhere I want. Especially having the opportunity to travel.
  • Be my own person. I can wear what I like and eat what I want.
  • Having my own place and calling it home. (It a very messy home at the moment as I need to do some housework!)
  • To meet people from all walks of life through writing on here.
  • To travel and to document what I see, through my camera.
  • Learning the skills of photography.
  • Working from home and not worry about commuting on a daily basis.
  • To have my health and the ability to keep on going.

That was my list of the 10 things I’m thanksful for 2017. So I have to ask you all, what are you thankful most this year? Please tell me in the comments as I would love to hear from you.

10 things I’m thankful for 2017