It crazy to think but the end of 2017 is only 4 months away. So spend the last part of the year looking after yourself. Here are 10 self-care ideas to do before the end of the year.

Time certainly does flies when you are having fun. Gosh, it’s just crazy to think 2017 is nearly over. However, it not over yet. We’re still 4 months away from 2018 and there is still plenty of things to tick off your list.

I hope somewhere on your list there is a section of self-care. Don’t forget about that! As I like to think that the most important part which you need to happily tick off your list.

What is self-care, I hear you ask. I’m sure you heard of the mind, body and soul connection. Well when you think about it, you only have one body, one soul and one mind. So it important to realize that without them, you would be an empty shell. It quite a chilling thought, isn’t it? And that is what self-care is all about, looking after that connection. Think of it a plug and all three wires are connected together.

I don’t want to start with the whole white rabbit and the reminder that your life clock is forever ticking away. Urgh, who want to be reminded of that.

But I do want to start with, how important it really is to look after mind, body and soul as we often forget to look after it on a daily basis. Well we do, don’t we? We so busy running for that train, or stuck in an endless meeting all day. We often just in ‘zombie’ mode.

self-care ideas

I think modern life is often so crazy and chaotic and we running so fast, that we often forget about the slow route and the need to get off the treadmill.

This I feel, can damage not only your spirit; but also that mind, body and soul connection. Your mind is constantly running so fast it doesn’t have time to catch up, this is the same for your body and soul. There no time for a breather or anytime for that connection to recover.

So with all that said, I think it time that you do take a breather and for that connection to recover. Take a step back away from all the stress and the bustle of everyday life.

For the next 4 months, I want you all to take a step back and to rediscover that mind, body and soul connection. Here are 10 self-care idea to do before the end of the year. So you can finally tick it off your list.

  1. Have a spa day (you know it has to be on this list somewhere!)
  2. Treat yourself a weekend at a holistic retreat.
  3. Go for a 30 mins walk.
  4. Have a long relaxing shower or bath.
  5. Spend 1 hours a week reading a book.
  6. Mediate using an app (may I recommend the Rituals apps, it’s amazing).
  7. Do a Zumba class.
  8. Listen to music around the house (or out on your iPod).
  9. Have a tarot reading (that’s more to do with the soul connection).
  10. Write a list of all the things that make you smile and happy.

That was my self-care ideas to do before the end of the year. Do you have any to add? If so please feel free to share them with us

self-care ideas