If you’re like me and love spending an hour curled up somewhere special and read a good book, then I think you will love these 10 new books to read this spring.

Growing up my parents had a swinging hammock in the garden. I completely loved it! It was – in words of my parents – the only way I would go outside (or otherwise I would be indoor like a hermit). When the sun was shining and it was actually warm to be outside, I would just spend my days where I would lie back on this swinging hammock, and watch the world go by.

Anyway, when springtime comes, I still think back to those times when I was younger, and I could just lie back on the swinging hammock. It used to be my peaceful place to think about whatever was on my mind and it also would be my private place to read my books.

Now I’m older, I don’t have a garden, I now instead have a balcony. And instead of a swinging hammock, I have a giant bean bag. That is now my place to read my book.

I think it always important to find somewhere peaceful and private to read a book, an area you can call your own. Your own reading space.

So if like me, and you have that private area where you can go and read your book. Or you are still indeed trying to find that place – but still want some new books to read. Then as always, help is at hand.

I have 10 new books to read this spring, that will let you go to your private space and lose yourself for a few hours.

As spring is all about blue skies, warmer weather and longer days; Here is a selection that I think will put a smile on your face and make spring that little bit brighter.

10 new books to read this spring