Bah humbug to Christmas, some might say, but I say bring on Christmas and the festive cheer. Here are 10 Instagram photo that will give you the festive cheer.

It always makes me a little sad when I come across a real-life Scrooge. Someone who really hate (or at least strongly disliked) Christmas, that someone who would happily shout bah humbug to anything a little remotely festive.

It always an odd thing when you come across a Scrooge, and you can’t help but think to yourself, why be glum about Christmas?

I believe (and feel to tell me if you disagree), without Christmas there would be no cheer. Think about it? December would be like that January feeling, gloomy and dull and there would be nothing to look forward too.

There would be no friends and family get together – ok there will be a get-together, but you know what I mean. No Christmas dinner and crackers, no Christmas party and also no jolly St. Nick.

Urgh, I don’t even want to think about it. I know everyone (mostly the media, if I’m honest) goes on about the economy and Brexit and Brexit – blah blah; but c’mon people at least Christmas does put a smile on your face and It a distraction to all the doom and gloom in life.

That way, I suppose I’m pretty damn big on Christmas. I love having that festive cheer. It does make me sad when a Scrooge can’t see that and instead focus on the ‘realness of life’.

So if you ever come across a Scrooge, remind them why Christmas is essential and that it is good to have a distraction on life.

Or you can show them these 10 Instagram photos that will give you the festive cheer.


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Unforgettable! #londonist #letscelebrate #misslondonhome #christmas🎄

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Happy Nikolaus 🎅🏽🎄🎡

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Santa’s new wheels 🚙🎁🎄

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