Your home is your own lair, the resting place and private sanctuary where you can hide away from the world and relax. There are time when living in a city can often get too much and you find that the outside world often creeps in whether it’s by the sound of traffic, someone shouting or general city noise. This is especially the case if you got a window or steps out onto the balcony. Sometime you just want peace and quiet.

I will confess and I love watching ‘Escape to the country’. It a television show that feature people who lives in a city and are looking to move to the countryside and it will show these people a choice of 3 homes within their budget. I don’t quite know why I watch this but I find myself loving it.  I somehow do admire these people who are featured on the show as they can just pack up their lives and move somewhere else, off course it easier when you’re near retirement.

Here are a few ‘escape to the country’  home decor design that have me day dreaming about wanting to pack up my life and moving to the country.

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to be all cosy in any one of these spaces?

House of Fraser - Shabby Chic Bedroom
 This bedroom is my ultimate favorite of the moment. I love the tranquil navy blue and neutral whites.
American Farmhouse - Master Bedroom
A very grand bedroom with a lot of old country charm, I love the bare wooden ceiling and flooring.
Country Kitchen
This is the sort of kitchen you usually see in a magazine, it look so peaceful and I love the pink range oven giving the room some colour.
House on Myrtlefield
Come to my conservatory where we will have tea and scone while looking at my beautiful garden.
Renovation: Senoia Farmhouse
A small living room, just big enough to have a log fire and a sofa for me to curl up in the evening reading a book.
Mid Kent Holiday Home

Off course living in the country, I can have a cosy reading living room for myself and a game room for my husband.

Not forgetting about having a little office so I can still write this blog. I also would need a place to story all my books.
Drummonds Case Study: Georgian Farmhouse, Surrey
A his and her shower chamber and big enough for both a chandelier and a bathtub.
A little outside table area where we can enjoy our meal in the summertime.
John Lewis Croft Dining Room
An adorable neutral colour dining room/ breakfast table, I love the overhead lamp.
So does this make you want to move from the city, into a cosy countryside house?