10 fun summer activities

Summer is here and it the season where you don’t want to be stuck indoors, you want to be outside and having fun in the sun. So I have a selection of 10 fun summer activities that guaranteed to get you off your computer.

That what summer is all about – having fun in the sun! Not being cooped up and watching the fun through a computer (or mobile) screen.

I have never been an outdoor kind-of-girl, I do often coop myself up throughout the summer, but as I got older and have learnt how to deal with Spheksophobia (a fear of wasp) – I have found myself wanting to be actually outdoor. Shocking confession of the century – ok only for those who really know me.

In seriousness, now I work from home full-time – being indoor all the time does mess with my head. Sometimes it just nice to go out somewhere and clear your head and cobwebs.

Anyway, we’re not here to talk about me – we’re here to talk about you and having that fun in the sun. Days are longer, the weather is warmer and everything just comes alive during the summer months.

With all that said, I have put together a selection of 10 fun summer activities that guaranteed to get you off your computer and have that good ole’ fun in the sun I keep talking about.

So go grab some suns cream and put on your shades, as we about to get started.

A weekend at Center Parcs:

I love Center Parcs and really want to go back sometime. It often billed as a ‘family’ oriental place but it a wonderful place for a couple retreat. I adore Aqua Sauna – best spa in the whole universe. At Center Parcs, it is designed for outdoor activities. There are loads to do and you will never get bored.

Bike Riding:

Get lost somewhere and go for a long bike ride in the middle of a countryside.

Horse Riding:

Plenty of stables offer horse riding throughout the summer months, there no harm in approaching your local stables to see if they offer horse riding.

Go Swimming:

Nothing beat a hot summer day and a cooling swimming pool, it even better when there a cocktail involved.

Go for a long walk and stop off in a pub:

This is something my parents tend to do, where they go for a long walk somewhere and then as a rewarding stop in a pub for a quick drink.

Have a BBQ:

Nothing beat summer, quite like a good fashioned BBQ.

Explore a Castle with English Heritage:

I recently joined the English Heritage as I love exploring castles. It always a fun day out and throughout the summer months, they have plenty of fun things to do.

Have a Beach Day:

Find a golden beach and spend the day playing all kind of fun games and activities. When it gets too hot – just cool off in the sea.

Go visit a Fun Fair/Festival:

If loud music festivals aren’t your thing, then go to a funfair where you can enjoy plenty of roller-coaster and others rides. Look for your local one as well.

Camping out under the stars:

Or if camping isn’t your thing, then try camping or perhaps renting a treehouse for a weekend. Nothing quite camping out under the stars or watching a sunset.


That was my 10 fun summer activities that guaranteed to get you off your computer. My advice is, – enjoy summer while you still can and go have some fun!