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Yum Yum Tree Fudge

by Anna Nuttall

While at the London Chocolate Show a few weeks ago, among the chocolate stalls was the Yum Yum tree fudge stall. This was very much Yum Yum tree fudge.

There I was at the London chocolate show, getting very dizzy with all the chocolate on display. It really was a chocoholic dream. As I said before, there was every chocolate imaginable and like stepping into Willy Wonka chocolate factory.

The show was primarily chocolate and there was not a lot of sweets on displayed either. But among the chocolate wine and chocolate clothes. There was one stall that caught my eyes.

It was the Yum Yum tree fudge stall. A little out of the ordinary among a sea of chocolate. But honestly, if you are a fudge lover as me – then this would be a perfect dream for you.

I must say, Yum Yum tree fudge is appropriately named as it was indeed – yum yum fudge. For example, I sampled the mint chocolate fudge and I was in heaven. Like being really naughty and keep sampling more and more, till I just bought a whole package and sat in a corner eating it. Yeah, that how yum yum these fudges are.

Before I left I was so impressed and hungry for more fudge that I bought some more to share with my husband. While that was the plan as sharing is caring, but honestly, I don’t know what came over me – I couldn’t stop munching these Yum Yum tree fudge. Don’t worry I did share some of my precious fudge with my husband. It was precious though.

Can anyone else see the funny side? Goes to a chocolate show and leave with boxes of fudges. There has to be a little irony in that?

Let me introduce you to the Yum Yum tree fudge and why my eyes went bigger than my belly.

It a family run business and they make all the fudge from their kitchen at home. They have lots of different flavour of fudges, ranging from mint chocolate, strawberry and cream, dark chocolate and my personal favourite – butterscotch.

You can buy Yum Yum tree fudge from their website. I think this is a nice idea for anyone looking for a small gift to someone for Christmas.

So join me in my Yum Yum tree fudge obsession.

Yum Yum tree fudge

Yum Yum tree fudge

Yum Yum tree fudge


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