young at heart habits

What is a grown up? Let’s be honest here. Does anyone really know or really care? Am I a grown up? I like to think I am. However there a times when I have a few young at heart habits.

I mean I have a mortgage, I’m married and I have winkles. Does that class me as a grown up?  When I was in my teen years, I couldn’t wait to be a ‘grown up’, but now I’m older – I just want to be young again.

It has always annoyed me when people say to me, oh ‘you don’t do grown up things’. What exactly grown up things do they have in mind? Go around wearing a brown suit that will stick up my bum all day? No thanks. I pay my taxes and I pay my way through life. I find watching 6:00 news to be boring and I hate drinking wine and champagne.

I may be small, being 4ft10 does give people the perception that I look younger then I am. Prrft don’t judge a book by it cover I say. Anyone who knows me know I’m a lot tougher and a lot wiser then I look.

Despite me saying all this, I do have a few ‘shall we say’ – childish habit. More like me having a few forever being young at heart habits.

Nothing wrong with it. If people like to think it childish, they can bugger off. Here is a list of some young at heart habits I have. I like to think these habits have nothing wrong with them or are particular childish.

Drink Milkshake in the morning for breakfast.

I have since a really young age, drunk milkshake like there no tomorrow. I have also always drunk milkshake as part of my breakfast. I find myself first thing in the morning craving it like crazy. I can’t help myself. My husband at first thought it was weird, but now he sees that I am addicted to it. He is also trying to get me off it. He keeps telling me to buy fruit juice in the morning or have a fruit instead. But I keep going back to my milkshake. I find it a supplement to a meal and once I drunk it – I’m filled up and won’t have anything till lunchtime. I’m not helping my case am I? This year I am trying to stop drinking milkshake so much for breakfast.

Not owning a car/ Not learning to drive.

I have written about this before on why I don’t own a car or not knowing how to drive. But for some reason people just love to pick on me that I don’t drive. Honestly I never been able to afford a car and I live so close to central London that driving around the city is just suicidal. So I prefer public transport and using my own two feet.

Still wearing size 2 shoes.

This one isn’t exactly my fault. I’m just a small person with small feet. Yeah it kind of embarrassing walking into a shoes shop and going to the children section. I have had assistant asking me if I’m buying for a child, red face I’m having to explain that it for me. Thank god for the internet and thanks god for places like Asos that does size 2 shoes.

young at heart habits


Not liking green vegs.

This is what I dubbed a childhood psychology habit. I have never liked green vegetable. Don’t get me wrong I do like some vegetable – just not peas, green beans, broccoli, and anything else that is green. I consider them to be the devil spawn and I cannot bring myself to eat them. I always been like that and I can’t see myself ever changing.

Getting excited over a new RPG game for the Playstation 4.

I have a nerd geeky husband, who is obsessed with anything to do with computer games and Playstation 4. Mind you, he does have a very geeky wife – me. I love sitting on the sofa playing a new RPG games. I love just chilling out with a game and fighting dragons, fairies and wizard. I find myself less stressed and I always get my good ideas from playing on game. Over Christmas no one I spoke too could understand why I was getting excited for Skyrim and Final Fantasy 15. Needless to say, if you don’t see on here – you know where I be.

RPG – Role Playing Games

Buying/reading childhood books.

Recently I have also been obsessed with reading my old childhood books. I’ve been on EBay and brought a loads of Point Horror books and Sweet Valley High books. Annoyingly I can’t get them on kindle. Oh well I’m enjoying curling up at night with my old books, it brings back childhood memories.

Those are my young at heart habits – do you have any to add?