The Beautiful Bag Blog

I somehow managed to squeeze in a new project, I would like to show you my brand new blog: The Beautiful Bag Blog.

Yup, you read this right, I have a brand new blog that is launching today. Let me introduce you to The Beautiful Bag Blog. It a blog dedicated to bags! Just bags and nothing else.

Why did I decide to open a bag blog? Well if you know me, I’m the crazy bag lady. I have a pretty wild obsession with bags, to the point where I could turn my home into a bag Palace. Just Ask Richard and he would tell you how mad I am about bags!

So that was how The Beautiful Bag was born, through a completely and utterly obsession with bags.

When I say that this is a bag blog, I like to point out there won’t be anything else posted on there. No other fashion related post, no lifestyle topics, it will purely be just bags.

The bag is a girl’s quintessential accessory; it can match your outfit or even your shoes. The Beautiful Bag Blog is aimed at helping you pick that one essential accessory so you never go wrong.

I will say, that the new blog is still in its early days, so please be patience and let know if you encounter a problem.  I will also be updating it as much there as I update on here, so I still will be posting on my two blogs every day; you don’t need to worry.

To launch my new bag blog, I kind of treated myself to this gorgeous pink Zara city bag. There’s more info on this bag over at The Beautiful Bag Blog. Well, it only makes sense that if I’m launching a new bag blog, to treat myself to a new bag.

The Beautiful Bag Blog

I advise you all to go over there and take a look and also to bookmark it as well. I also want you to get my husband a round of applause for the gorgeous logo he designs for the new blog.

Before I go, this isn’t just a blog where you sit back and read. Oh no no! My friends, I want you to get involved as well. There’s a fun feature where I want you to show us what is in your handbag. Yes, you read that right.

The concept is really simple, just simply show us what is in your handbag. You don’t need to go on video for this. All you have to do is email me with a couple pictures of your handbag and what you carry inside; as well a few lines on why you chose that particle bag and the items you choose to carry. I will do the rest.

I think I have said everything; any problem please let me know. Though for now, I want you all to visit my brand new blog and to tell all your friends.


Edit:// After months and months of delayed, I’ve just decided to relaunch it. The problem was, I had this hosted on a host which wasn’t very good. If I got too much traffic, the site would shut down and you be forced to upgrade to release it. Which was a little dodgy. So I decided to switch host and that took some time. So sorry for delayed folks and this is now open. Welcome back.