strawberry and lime spring water

On a hot summer day when all you want is a refreshing cold drink. Try my strawberry and lime spring water.

This idea came to me when my niece who is two (going on three) decided that she doesn’t like drinking water any more.

I was looking after her and she was running and being a typical hyperactive toddler. She sat down to catch her breath and ask for a drink, so I got a cup of water. For her only to turn around to proclaimed that she doesn’t like water. I will admit I was surprised and after speaking to her mum (my sister in law) she told me that when she is at nursery or at another child minder house she is always given milk. So it kind of make sense.

Anyway as I didn’t have milk at that time and I couldn’t run down the road to get some, I came up with a clever idea. I had a packet of strawberry and lime with some cold mineral spring water. I came up with this Strawberry and lime Spring Water.

I will admit I always find it strange when people (not just my niece as she at that age when taste is a freckle things) say they can’t stand drinking plain water. I think cause I always drunk nothing but water from a very young water. My mum tells me this story every so often where I was just learning to talk (so a really young age), and she gave me a flask of water and apparently I came into the kitchen and my first words were – more. I grew up with parents not ever giving me soda fizzy drinks, they said it would rot your teeth. I was glad when I met Richard and he said he also grew up drinking nothing but water, so I didn’t have to pretend to like fizzy drinks.

I respect people who can’t stand the taste of spring water but it still puzzled me. So if you are one of those people who doesn’t like spring water. This strawberry and lime water is for you.

Here how to do this strawberry and lime water.

strawberry and lime spring water

  • A packet of strawberry
  • 1 lime
  • 1 bottle of spring mineral water. (you can just use tap water but personally I think spring mineral water taste better.)
  • A flask
  • Mint (optional)

strawberry and lime spring water

  • Chopped up some strawberry into bite size. Also cut a slice of lime. It optional to add a leaf of mint. Put all of the ingredients in the flask
  • Filled up the flask with mineral water.
  • Give it a good stirred.
  • (optional) Leave it for 2-4 hours for the drink to be properly infused with flavor.
  • Drink when ready.

And wholia, one strawberry and lime spring water. Not exactly rocket science but It refreshing drink to learn when your little is being picky about what they drink, or of you want a refreshing beverage at a summer garden party.

Let me know if you like the look of this and cheers everyone.

strawberry and lime spring water