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4 autumn books that need to be on your reading list

4 Autumn Books That Need To Be On Your Reading list

Autumn is all about cosy evening in, reading a good book. And that exactly what I’m going to do. Here 4 autumn books that need to be on your reading list. I love having Friday evening to myself, that when I can have my ‘reading evening’. This is due to…

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Marketing & Blogging

How One Blog Post Made Me £200

It crazy to make this statement, but it true! Here is how one blog post made £200. No, I’m not making it up. But one blog post really did make me £200. I still pinched myself and I cannot believe it. I’m such a lucky girl. But it was this…

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writing a book
Life story

Project number 2 | I’m Writing a Book

I showed you yesterday my new project, now I’m telling you my project number 2. Where I’m writing a book. Oh, will you just look at that, as soon as September rolled around I’m just full of ideas? Though to be honest I have been full of ideas for a…

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The Beautiful Bag Blog

My New Project: The Beautiful Bag Blog

I somehow managed to squeeze in a new project, I would like to show you my brand new blog: The Beautiful Bag Blog. Yup, you read this right, I have a brand new blog that is launching today. Let me introduce you to The Beautiful Bag Blog. It a blog…

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5 reasons why I love September
General, Life story

5 Reasons why I love September

As I said earlier this week, I’m so glad summer is now finally over. This means I now can enjoy my favourite season and month. Here are 5 reasons why I love September. I will be the first to admit that summer this year wasn’t too bad. Ok sure we…

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