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Cath Kidston guinea pigs dress
Fashion, Outfit Of The Day

Cath Kidston Guinea Pigs Dress

If you like your dress to be quirky and cute, then I think you will like this Cath Kidston guinea pigs dress. This is the one dress where I was so excited to show you guys, that I decided to do a little outfit of the day blog post in…

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how to make money writing a blog
Marketing & Blogging

How to Make Money Writing a Blog

A search termed I found myself Googling a few years ago when looking to blog full-time. It not as difficult as you think it will be. Here how to make money writing a blog. It was at that point in my life when I had enough of my workplace and…

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ultimate blogging & SEO guide
Marketing & Blogging

The Ultimate Blogging & SEO Guide

I feel I have written so much over the past year on blogging and SEO, that for many of my new readers it can be a little overwhelming. Well, help is at hand with the ultimate blogging & SEO guide. Today I thought I would do round up of all…

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Topshop maxi dresses

Glamorous Topshop Maxi Dresses

If you want to feel ultra- glamorous in 2018 and want to be the belle of the ball, here are glamorous Topshop maxi dresses you need buy. I have never been into maxi dresses, as I can’t wear them. Well, I can, but it wouldn’t fit me. The problem is…

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Bloggers Links-Up
Bloggers linkup

Anna Nuttall Bloggers Links-Up 71

Welcome back to my bloggers links up. I absolutely love reading a wide range of blog posts, and that could be everything from home decor, cookery, travels or just hearing what you’ve been up to. I’m a nosy parker! So with that said I’ve created this links-up as a place…

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my beauty cupboard
Life story

My Beauty Cupboard

Some girls dream of having a cupboard filled with beauty products galore, well for me that is a reality.  Here is my beauty cupboard. As I said earlier this week, I showed you my shopaholic wardrobe so it only right I have a wardrobe converted into my beauty cupboard. I…

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a shopaholic wardrobe
Fashion, Life story

A Shopaholic Wardrobe

I like to think that you can never wear or buy enough clothes. So watch out Rebecca Bloomwood, here is what I’m calling a shopaholic wardrobe. You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot…

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afternoon tea with friends
Life story

Afternoon Tea with Friends

It a very British thing to do, have afternoon tea. But what makes it not only a very British pastime but also a time when you can catch up with friends. Nothing quite like afternoon tea with friends. Afternoon tea is what I call a quaint essential British pastime. A…

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Monopoly date night
Life story

Monopoly Date Night

What do you get when it dates night with a twist? Well in our cases, it Monopoly date night. Richard and I, we both promised ourselves that for one evening a week we would shut down our computer, turn off the phone and do something together that doesn’t involve looking…

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Valentine’s day guide gift guide from Etsy

A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide from Etsy

If love is on your mind, well more specifically Valentine’s day is on your mind. Then here Valentine’s day guide gift guide from Etsy that will make the day extra romantic. Personally, I’m not big on Valentine’s day, it one of that holiday I don’t really put much thoughts into…

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