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Four Cozy Autumn Jumpers

Autumn is all about putting your pretty summer dresses away and start to cosy up with cotton jumpers.  Here are four cosy autumn jumpers I have been loving recently. Since September has rolled around, the weather certainly has turned a little chilly, well at least that what I have found…

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the 2-steps chocolate cake
Food and recipes

The 2-Steps Chocolate Cake Recipe

If you want a really simple and easy going chocolate cake recipe, then here is the 2-steps chocolate cake recipe you need to try out. For any of my long-time reader, will know I can be a baking fail. I’m not the Delia Smith of the kitchen, especially concerning anything…

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my to do list for autumn
Life story

My To-Do List for Autumn

I’m not one to write a list, but this is me turning over a new leaf this season. Here is my to do list for autumn. Ok want to hear something a little funny, well I actually have brought a little to-do notepad, and guess what – I lost it. …

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combat spam SEO
Marketing & Blogging, SEO

How to combat Spam SEO

There is nothing worst when you’re working really hard on your blog and you get spam. Here’s how to combat spam SEO. Spam, for all us bloggers and web owner it a pain in the neck. You spend your days and nights working so hard on your blog/website for it…

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think before you jump to the wrong conclusions

Think Before You Jump To The Wrong Conclusions

I think it important for not just us bloggers, but for anyone to know all the facts before jumping to any old conclusion. This is why it important to think before you jump to the wrong conclusions. I’m saying this as so many people often stand on their podiums on…

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Bloggers Links-Up
Bloggers linkup

Anna Nuttall Bloggers Links-Up 50

Welcome back to my bloggers links up. I absolutely love reading a wide range of blog posts, and that could be everything from home decor, cookery, travels or just hearing what you’ve been up to. I’m a nosy parker! So with that said I’ve created this links-up as a place…

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