my list of films that I vowed to never watch again

Have you ever watched a film that does nothing but paralyzed you with fear or made you a cry like a baby? Here my list of films that I vowed to never watch again.

This idea came up when Richard and I was talking about a certain film that is coming out; Alien Covenant. I watched the trailer once on YouTube out of curiosity and now YouTube keep showing the bloody trailer every time I watch a different video. So I was complaining about it to Richard and I was saying how I would never ever in a billions of year ever see that film. So we got talking and before you know it, we had a list of films that I vowed to never watch again.

Some film I feel does nothing but paralyzed you with fear; where the enjoyment of that? There is also some film where all you are doing is hiding behind the sofa waiting for it to be over. On the other hand, there are other films that just make you cry like a baby and you just sobbed uncontrollably. It makes you all emotional and you end up being a complete nervous wreck.

Here is my list of films that I vowed to never watch again.


The original 1979 Ridley Scotts film and the one with Sigourney Weaver. I never saw this film till I met Richard. We haven’t long been dating till one night he suggested to watch it.  He was just surprised that I never watched the film as (in his words) a classic.  We got 20 mins in and by that time I was behind the sofa scared out of my brain. It all the tension and build up and you just know that any minutes’ now that alien will appear. I don’t do well with scary horror film (as you will see from this list) and I couldn’t take any more and I eventually ran out of the room vowing to never see it again. Those I did actually see the film all the way through a few years later, but I had the sound off and fast forward bits and pieces of it. Yes, I know that cheating but I still got the gist of the film.


Another film that Richard was surprised that I never watched prior me dating him.  To be honest, those film growing up just didn’t interest me and I don’t feel like I missed out much by not watching them.  I actually thought this film was more lame than scary and I got bored so I walked out of the room. I have no interest to see any more Predator films.

Resident Evil

There seem to be a theme here, early dating years watching scary film. We were both bored one afternoon and we decided to see this film at our local cinema. I didn’t really know about the franchise prior to this. I heard the game mentioned but I didn’t really take any notice. So we saw this film in cinema. About 10 minutes in I really wished I never said I would see it. About half way through the movie I was hunched on my chair trying to curled up like a ball with my hands over my ears. As we were the only one in the cinema at that time (thanks god!), Richard seeing how scared I was we just walked out. A day later we had a good laugh about and reflection that it wasn’t that scary.  And yes, this is another film I saw a few years later with the sound of and fast forwarding scary bits. I know Richard seen the film.


Silence of The Lamb

A film that my parents said I should watch one day as it classic. I agree the film is a classic but it not one for me. The theme of people cannibalizing and doing nasty things just give me the creeps.

The Cell

A really lame JLO film. And she did this right at the height of her popularity so why she chose to do this film – I will never understand. It basically a more visual lame copy at version of Silence of the Lamb. It still has the theme of cannibalizing and people doing nasty things. I found the visuals to be a little disturbing.


Yes, the classic Disney film. This one film during my childhood traumatized me. Oh my god I remember seeing this at home as my parents said it was a sweet Disney film that you will love. 2 hours later and I was wrecked. I couldn’t stop crying. When Bambi mum get killed – oh my god a little piece died with it. Even now as an adult it still pulled my heart string. I still love all the characters but this is one Disney film I will never watch again.

And that was my list of films that I vowed to never watch again. Do you have anything to add?