life is strange when you think it all blessing and blogging

A week ago I asked you all to ask me some questions. The time has come for me to answer. I have to say is that life is strange when you think it all blessing and blogging.

It always nice for me to answer your questions, especially as it gives any new readers to know a little more about me. Which for me is a little strange. As opening up to people has never been easy. I’m really shy and often quiet when you first meet me. I’m that girl who would reply, ‘yeah, no, alright’ to most questions directed at me. I’m private as well – I’m still am. I don’t like to tell people too much of my business, any of my business.

Partly as it boring and I’m sure nobody would want to hear about 30 something girl who sits on her computer all day typing out her life story. And partly I don’t want to tell as it my business.

I was so surprised when I first Richard and his whole family how open they all are and would discuss anything out of the open. I’m not like that. Maybe it down to the fact that how the family are. But it does irritate me when Richard would tell everyone my business, only for them to bombard with questions.

So opening up and telling people my business and my life story never been easy. But I’m getting better and me answering your questions is one way I’m doing it.

Are you ready, for I’m about to sit on the hot seat, ready for your questions? Here we go.


In your opinion, why are cats so much better than dogs?? The cheetah and I await your answer!

For a bloody long time, growing up I always been a dog lover. I grew up with dogs and just adore them. As soon as I got into my 30s, something snapped and now I bloody love cats. Oh my god I want a whole house filled with kittens. I’m now the crazy cat lady. I could very well divorce my husband and live somewhere with a house filled with cats. However, I do also kind of want a little Maltese puppy as they are so cute.

Dr Alina Marcu

My dear, what is your today’s blessing?! What made you laugh out loud?!

I have this habit of picking up Richard phone and taking a selfie of myself for a laugh. I then like to send it to him so he can’t miss it. One day last week I picked up his phone and took a silly selfie of myself and sent it to him – or at least I thought I did.

No, I accidentally, without realizing sent a selfie message of myself to his boss! Oh my god I could have died when I realized. Thank heaven the boss saw the funny side and I soon sent him another message to the boss say sorry. We cracked ourselves laughing and Richard keeps saying, that will teach you.

 Georgie Moon

My question is, are you related to Gemma Nutall, one of my favourite bloggers at Lifeisknutts…? Probably not.

No sorry, I’m not. Those a number of people who thought I related to ex-leader UKIP Paul Nuttall was annoying! Especially when Paul Nuttall was trending on Twitter.


If you could be a world famous singer, female or male. Who would you be and why? 🙂

Oh, that tricky one. My god, I could write a whole essay. I would love to sing like Tarja or Simone Simons. No offence to any Adele fan here, but I wouldn’t like to have her singing voice. Do I dare to matter these – Adele not that great! Oh my god Sorry to any Adele fan here.  I’m not into adult contemporary pop chart music, such as Adele, Celine Dion and anyone who is big. Which is funny as I have seen Celine Dion in concert before now. I tend to listen to more niche music, my favourite bands are Within temptation, Epica and Nightwish.  Does that give you an idea of what kind of music I like?

Though off course in my head I’m a multi-award Grammy-winning superstar and everyone just adores me.


What other cities or countries have you lived in?

Nowhere else, just London.  I would love to live in New York.


What’s your favourite thing to do in your free time? What would you do (to occupy your time) if you were independently wealthy??

I would love to travel to the Maldives or to Japan. If I was wealthy, I would buy a big house on the beach and never leave. In my free time, I like playing RPG (role playing games) on the PS4. I also read and try to find a new way to avoid going to the gym. I also like visiting castles and sleeping – though not at the same I hope you understand.

Paula | The Value of a Moment

What is the best part about living in London?

There never a dull moment. Always something to do. Even if all you do is walk along the south bank and grab a burger. You can do whatever you want, I mean if you want a spa day somewhere – not a problem, go shopping – visit Oxford street, laze around – do that in Hyde park.  I’m really spoiled for choice now I think about it.


Have you ever seen any Doctor Who – related “extras” while they are taping the show? ( any Daleks or cybermen roaming the streets, etc? )

No that would be fun! I got dragged once by my niece to the Doctor Who Experience day thing. It was where you could be in the actual Tardis and feel it moving, operate daleks and zapped some monster with a special sonic screwdriver. It was mainly aimed at children but It was quite a fun day out.

I’m going to leave it here. Thank you all for your questions and have a great weekend everyone.

(Oh quick question, do you think I should go blonde again?)