how to stop your site being penalize in Google

Being penalize in Google is the worst thing to happen to your site. It will affect your SEO. Here how to stop your site being penalize in Google.

What are Google Penalties?

For any beginners to the blogging world or anyone owning their first website might not have heard this phrase before and think it all sound very confusing. Don’t be confused as the answer is very simple.

Every year Google makes changes to their algorithms in order to improve their SERP (search engine result page). When Google do make these changes, that when it can affect blogs and websites as it can affect their ranking on SERP. Often it good and you get a higher ranking (and more Google organic traffic) – but on the other hand, it can be bad for some sites as they do effectively miss out and can completely lose their ranking. When that happens it might mean your site is being penalized by Google.

Is it that bad being penalize?

In short, yes. As you will lose complete trust with Google and your blog or site might never fully recover. It can go from being at the very top to the bottom of the pile and never seen again. You will lose out on organic traffic and if you’re interested in monetizing then that will also affect it as well.

Also often you might not ever recover and might take a long time for Google to fully-trust you again.

How to tell if your website has been penalized by Google?

There are 2 simple steps on checking and it really simple:

Step 1:

Log into your Google webmaster console (not sure what that is, then read my beginner guide to Google Webmaster Console) and take a look at your messages.  You can also log in and look at your search traffic section, especially the manual actions tab. If nothing was written, then there you are ok.

Step 2:

Another way is to log into your Google Analytics (if you are unsure what that is, read my beginners guide to Google Analytics) and to review your organic traffic. You do that by google your dashboard and look for Acquisition/All Traffic/Source/Medium/select Organic Traffic and reviewing your pageviews traffic. If you see a drop then that an indication, you are in trouble.

How long does Google Penalties last?

Well, it all depends on how big the penalties are. If you get a message from Google asking you to change something, that not biggie. That is easily fixed and no problem with your algorithms.

But on the hand, if you a get message from Google telling you that a problem has occurred, well that will hit your algorithms and you should take the corrective measure as soon as possible.

In short, it can last you anywhere from a day to a year.

What do I need to do to avoid being hit by Google penalties?

Don’t spam your site or blog. Yeah while we all want to be queen bee on SERP, just don’t take a short cut route. When writing a blog post don’t cram it with loads of silly keywords and links. Also if you keep using duplicate contents throughout your blog then Google will pick up on that.

And while we always being told that getting backlinks is a great way to get traffic, don’t do unnatural backlinks with spammy contents that link back to your site.

If you link to various un-natural SEO directories or blog, then that won’t help you either.

Basically, you will need to do a lot of black hat SEO techniques for Google to pick up on it.

I can easily outsmart Google, there no problem with me.

Ha! Think again buster as Google is damn clever. I mean really clever. Trust me Google will pick up on the smallest bit of details Their bots will constantly crawl through your site looking at everything. You will never outsmart Google.

So explain to me on how to stop my site being penalize in Google?


  • Write natural and without care on algorithms.
  • Don’t spam your site with silly keywords contents.
  • Get your SEO in order.
  • Avoid unnatural backlinks.
  • Be involved and don’t take a back seat.
  • Keep an eye out on your Google webmaster console
  • Also, watch your Google analytics.
  • Use pictures and videos.
  • Avoid any spammy directories.
  • Read on Google changing algorithms.

That was my short guide on how to stop your site being penalized in Google. As always, if you have any questions then feel free to ask.

how to stop your site being penalize in Google


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