Last week I took myself on a little trip, it was very much last minutes and spontaneous. Also a lot of fun. Here how to plan a spontaneous trip in your home country.

It all started last week when Richard had to go away on business, so I was left on my own. I was on my way to babysit my niece for a few hours when the idea hit me – maybe I might go away myself. I mean I have nothing to lose and no commitment to anyone. I started thinking about it and thinking about it some more, and before I knew it I have booked train ticket and a hotel in Oxford.

I decided to visit Oxford, partly I knew it was quite easy to get to on the train and also I never been there and it was on my list to visit. I always wanted to see the university up close and it always funs to explore a new town.

Anyway, I booked my train ticket for early afternoon, so I finished my babysitting and went home to pack. I also as a way to save some money cooked a huge big meal for myself, it was a way to sustain myself so I wouldn’t get hungry later. As it happens anyway, I ended up going to Tesco and picking myself up a packed lunch so I could munch on something in the room.

How I got on and what I saw while at Oxford, I’m going to leave for another post.

But I must say, planning a spontaneous trip was a lot of fun. Just the adventure to go anywhere you want too. If you got a few days free, and no commitment to kids or work – then do it. It always awesome to see new places and going to the new location. I suppose that why I’m travelling next year. This spontaneous trip was just a warm-up to what I’d be doing next year.

Here how to plan a spontaneous trip to your home country.

Check your bank balance:

A bit boring but kind of necessary. You won’t be going anywhere if you don’t have the funds. So the first job is to check your bank balance. Do you have enough for train and hotel? Also for food and for shopping? If the answer is yes, then you are good to go. If on the other hand, the answer is no – well can you borrow some money or just wait until payday.

(This next tip is useful for UK residents, there might be a similar service in your home country.)

Look on Trainline for cheap train tickets:

I have been advised that booking any train ticket on trainline is cheaper than the national rail website. So whenever you buy ticket, try to buy them in advance and on that website. If you happen to go somewhere on the day, still use trainline. I have also been told that Virgin Trains also do cheap train ticket.

Look on for cheap hotel deals: is my main choice when choosing a hotel anywhere. You can pick a location and the app or website will find you the cheapest hotel. We (Richard and I) have been known to turn up somewhere and just pick a hotel from the app and book it on the dot. I advise you all to use for all cheap hotel stay.

Have a packed lunch:

For me, on this spontaneous trip, it was very much trying to keep the cost down. So I cooked a big meal before leaving, and once I was there I popped into Tesco and go myself a packed lunch. Something to munch on in the evening while in the room. Those the hotel where I stayed at (more of that coming soon!) did room service and my god I was tempted.

Free Places to Visit:

When going anywhere, look for places that are free to visit. Another way to save money. To my surprise, I learnt that all the museums, the university were all free to visit. In almost any town there always a free place to spend a few hours in.

how to plan a spontaneous trip in your home country

Most importantly the fun of a spontaneous trip is making it up as you go along, throw out the rulebook and do it on your own term.

Will you now be planning a spontaneous trip in your home country? Where will you go?