blogging & SEO questions

I’m usually inundated with all your blogging and SEO questions, that I usually don’t get round to answers them all. So I have a solution. Going live for your blogging & SEO questions.

Yup, at Sunday 12 pm (GMT London UK) time, I’m going to attempt to go live on my Facebook page. Dun dun dun….

Last week I fixed the microphone on my computer meaning I can now use my little computer web camera, so I can now speak to you all. I might still sound a little quiet but hopefully, you would still be able to hear me.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while as I’m trying to be more confident in front of a video camera. I’m ok in photos and I can happily smile and take pictures of myself, but the video still scared me. Isn’t that weird it?

Why am I doing this, if video scares me? Well If anything I see it as a natural progression of my blog. I always had an interest in video and I do love watching vlogs. So I think it only natural to me wanting to expand my horizon. I don’t want to think of myself as just as a blogger or photographer but also a vlogger.

Ok not exactly like a vlogger, I’m much too scared walking down the street with a camera in my hand. But if I go somewhere like to a castle or to the beach, I might include little video clips of my day.

However, as always, I’m getting ahead of myself. I think I’m going to take baby steps and concrete on doing some live video on my Facebook page.

Which brings me to my original point, I’m going to go live on my Facebook page and If you have any blogging or SEO now is the time to answer them.

But before you go all crazy with your questions, there are some ground rules.

I can sound really childish and nasally on video, it does drive me crazy! I will speak clearly and anything you don’t understand, please ask me to repeat and I’ll be happy too. However, if you are little rude about how I speak, I will ban you or take you off the live feed.

If I don’t get round to answer your questions, don’t bombard my feed. Though if I’m honest I’m not exactly expecting a huge audience; so I very well might get round to answer your questions.

I also want you to be patient with me as I’m not the most confident person in front of a video camera. So don’t bombard my feed with nasty comments as then it would make me too scared to do it again.

I think that is everything, tune into my Facebook page at 12 pm today (GMT London time). So if you got any burning blogging & SEO questions, then you better tune in.

I look forward seeing you all later on.


Edit:// Oh what an epic fail! I done my Facebook live feed and I only just realised the video was awlful. Very pixalated and no clear image. You can see the video on the Facebook Page however the image is really bad. I’m so sorry and there I was getting all excited and thinking I was winning. I wasn’t getting that on my end and could only see it once I watched it back. However for now, you can still ‘hear’ rather then ‘see’ the live video, so I hope that is ok. I will try and fix this for next time.