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2017 is not the year to be a couch potato. Here is how I’m getting my exercise mojo back.

For the past couples of months, my exercise mojo has been disappearing before my very eyes.  I’ve been finding myself un-motivated to exercise. What is wrong with myself? Why do feel so blimin’ lazy? It questions I keep asking myself and every time I find myself with an excuse, more than an answer. That doesn’t help me. I keep saying to myself, ‘oh it my hips or knee’ or ‘oh, I got so much work to do’.

Excuses, excuses and excuse. Quit being such a lazy cow Anna and get up and to the gym. I live 5 minutes away from the gym, I can go day or night – not a problem. Then why the hell have my exercise mojo gone?

I used to quite enjoyed exercising, I would enjoy the feeling of finishing a class and having every muscles aching me. But now I’m finding it more difficult to even join a class.

Avoiding exercise for me isn’t an option – it a lifestyle choice. My bmi is in dangerous territory and quite frankly I have body issue which is making me sad.  So I need to get moving and to take control of my bmi and body issue. No one else will – only me.

I did say that 2017 will be the year I take back control off my body and I will get my exercise mojo back – one way or another. I have written a list on how I’m getting my exercise mojo back.


In an effort to get me motivated and to stop being so god-damn lazy! Richard have joined the gym with me. It really nice as we can be gym buddy together and I don’t feel so alone when I’m there. Richard also does body-building and he often give me lectures on how to pump up those irons and what to do while I’m there. So every morning, we wake up and go for an early morning gym session and then treat ourselves with a big fry up breakfast. I find it does help having a gym buddy with you and it help with your exercise mojo.

Reaching for a goal – Traveling

We’re making plan on traveling again next year – this time through the north part of Europe. Richard and I did it two years ago where we went right through the heart of Europe. It was an amazing experience and it something we want to do again, so hence us making plan. However, to go traveling I need to be fit and healthy. This is why I my exercise mojo back so I can enjoy the experience fully and don’t feel breathless and tired.


I recently brought myself a Fitbit in the effort to get myself moving (and grooving). At least while I’m working out I will know how hard I’m pushing myself and can set myself an exercise log. That what I want an exercise log so I can look back and see how far I’m comes. I enjoyed wearing my Fitbit and it nice how it syncs to my phone and can give me tips and guidance.

Setting myself the ultimate dress size goal

We all been there, let admit it. We all want to drop a dress size and look fabulous in a dress. I will admit this is my big goal right now – dropping a dress size. I would love to be a size 12 or 14 again. And the only way of getting there is by hard work at the gym.

Low Carb – high protein diet

This mean skipping all my favorite meals for a while and having a more variety diet. Ok I won’t complete give up chips, I’d just make it homemade and instead of frying – I would just bake in the oven. That what I’m doing, making more homemade meals and learning to have a low carb diet and to add more protein. Protein – so I’m told by Richard (who is obsessed with anything body building/fitness/protein) helps you feel fuller for longer and to help you gain muscles. So I’ve also been told that having a high protein diet – does help you getting the exercise mojo back.

exercise mojo

This is how getting my exercise mojo back, let me know if you have any advice or tips to help me.


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