Fairytale Winter skirts

fairytale winter skirts

The party season has started, break out the champagne and get those dancing shoes on. If you are still unsure of what to wear for the office party, then here are some gorgeous fairytale winter skirts to help you.

This is my first year of not going to any Christmas party, and if I’m honest I’m so pleased. I’m not big on social occasions and it always at a venue that is a pain to get too. Also as I get older, I’m finding I can only just about handle my liquor! This year it’s a party for one. A party where I can be in my cosy pyjamas pigging out on my own party foods and get to bed early. God, I’m so boring.

For me, I have social anxiety and I was always that girl who sits in the corner while everyone is on the dance floor. The only Christmas party I ever enjoyed was the one where I met Richard! Our eyes connected across the dinner table.

While I’m not big on the Christmas party scene, I know some people are. So what that said, I’m going to try and be your style guru and help you look your best this party season. It is that time of year where you break out the party dress and stiletto, as well as the champagne.

I have selected a bunch of beautiful – what I’m calling fairytale winter skirts. I’m calling them fairytale winter skirts as; they basically look like something out of a fairy tale.  Only a princess from an enchanted office can wear these. Who am I kidding? Anyone can wear these. Especially to the office party.

Dressing up for the office party is about breaking out of your office clothes and just dressing up – having fun. Be that belle of the ball for one night. While they are some who prefer to wear a dress than a two-piece outfit, I just think where the fun of that? Wearing a skirt means you can be imaginative and invented with your party clothes. Mix and match.

So will you be that belle of the ball for one night? And will you be picking up any of these fairytale winter skirts?


(Top to Bottom – Left to Right)

Little Mistress Tulle Midi Skirt

ASOS Tulle Maxi Prom Skirt

Lightsome Sequins Pleated Mesh Tulle Skirt in Pink

Roses and Bubbles Jacquard Embossed Midi Skirt in Navy

Bunches of Flowers Embroidered Faux Suede A-Line Skirt in Tan

Grey Metallic Star Mesh Hanky Hem Midi Skirt


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  1. Marina Jurcic

    5th December 2017

    They really look like fairytale skirts. My favorite one is Lightsome Sequins Pleated Mesh Tulle Skirt in Pink.

  2. L △ U R △

    5th December 2017

    I love pretty tulle skirts! I think they’re so underrated and can and do go with almost anything.
    That Lightsome sequin skirt is absolutely gorgeous!

    Laura ¦ http://www.laurahasablog.co.uk

  3. A-

    5th December 2017

    I LOVE the detail on that pink skirt! It’s perfect for the holidays 🙂

    A- simplylovely90.com

  4. Elise Cohen Ho

    6th December 2017

    I am in love with the rose skirt. It is just darling. I have the perfect sweater for it.

  5. Sara | mshealthesteem.com

    6th December 2017

    These are absolutely gorgeous! It’s way too cold here in the winter to wear a skirt but I’m definitely keeping my eye on these for the warmer seasons. They really do have a fairytale quality to them ♡

  6. dorie

    6th December 2017

    I like those skirts, and I am looking for one at the moment. So thanks for the inspiration 🙂
    x3 Dorie

  7. Cassie | White Sands and Cool Breezes

    6th December 2017

    First, the idea of staying in my cozy pjs and piggy out on party food sounds awesome lol. Second, the skirts are the cutest! I have no office parties to attend this year but if I did I’d definitely look into these 🙂

  8. Katie/Celebrating With The Bug

    6th December 2017

    The tulle skirts are so elegant! I love them! 🙂

  9. Tanisha

    6th December 2017

    I actually have a long skirt like this and I’m going to wear it to my next event to shake things up a bit.

  10. Amritha Joseph

    6th December 2017

    These look so beautiful! perfect to give someone as a gift, or to wear to a holiday party!

  11. Louise

    6th December 2017

    Wow these skirts are soooooo pretty! Would definitely need one of these in my wardrobe x

  12. Jillian

    6th December 2017

    I love the tulle look very much! These are very glamorous and very fairytale indeed!

  13. Rachel George, Ordinary Hopes

    7th December 2017

    Tulle skirts are fairytale-like yet that light blue one looks like I could get away with wearing it almost anywhere!

  14. Ali

    7th December 2017

    These skirts are beautiful. I love a fun, twirly skirt. The roses and bubbles skirt is my favorite

  15. Heidi

    7th December 2017

    These are so adorable! Perfect for a gift or holiday party.

  16. Shireen Dhaliwal

    7th December 2017

    The one on the top right is so dreamy and pretty! Love the colour too – you could also totally grunge it up with a biker jacket!! x