Elie Saab spring/summer 2017

This spring/summer one my favorite designer, Elie Saab has turned his collection into Rock stars’ fashion.

If Jem and the Holograms were a real band – yes complete with magic earring and outrages pink hair – then this collection would be their stage clothes.

When Elie Saab unveiled his spring/summer 2017 ready to wear collection, it was the first thing that popped into my head.  Heck, not just Jem and the Holograms would wear this. I see a lot of young rock starlet wear this fashion.

The spring/summer collection were very disco inspired with lot of bold colours and stars print. The name for example of the catwalk show was called ‘Standing on Stardust’, with the runway dusted in gold glitter, just like many of the dresses, that were on display.

This collection I felt was inspired a little by David Bowie, who sadly passed away last year. As was Jem and the Holograms with their David Bowie inspired disco look.  After all the seventies/eighties vibe were hard to miss with the colorful, graphic star prints and metallic gold. Something that David Bowie pioneer this look back in the 70s with his Ziggy stardust.

Elie Saab spring/summer 2017 collection were not subtle and nor where it meant to be. This ready to wear collection was bold, bright and glamorous.

For me this bring back the golden age of disco with mirrored ball and twinkling light. When people would orbit round that mirrored ball all night dancing away with not have a care in the world.

There was also a few signature Elie Saab look with the shiny blue crisscross halter gown with a pleated skirt. The black jumpsuit complete with subtle sequins also bring a subtle style.

Overall Elie Saab spring/summer 2017 ready to wear collection was fresh, fun and bold. It does send a clear message to all of us – be a rock star this season.