Orange Hot Chocolate

As I’m kind of addicted to hot chocolate and Its nearing Christmas, I thought I would do something really festive and combined the two. Something like the Orange hot chocolate.

Hand up, who here been really craving hot chocolate for the last couples of weeks? Oh good I’m not the only one then. It has become my drink staple as the weather has turns cold and miserable, well we are in winter after all. I find myself making a mug as soon as I get home as it a great way for my body to warm up, or even sometime when I’m out I will happily sit in a cafe for a few hours drinking some hot chocolate watching the world goes by while also warming myself up.

IMG_6196aa IMG_6197aa

This is such a simple thing to do and if you are having a party or got some people coming round then, this is an amazing way to serve hot chocolate to your guests.

If you are under a certain age and not allowed to play with sharp knife then do ask a for adult help as this does involved using sharp knife.

What you will need is: 



As much oranges as you like, make sure you pick them being large and actually ripe.

Milk of your choice.

Terry’s chocolate orange (and a few extra to nibble along the way).

Marshmallow (optional).

What to do: 

Start with your sharp knife (and this is where you might need an adult help) and cut off the top – this act as a lid to orange mug so don’t throw it away.

When you cut off the top you will see the inside of the orange, get a large spoon and bowl (or glass as you will be scooping out fresh orange juice, so there no need to waste it) and start scooping out the inside into a bowl. Imagine you are scooping out a pumpkin for Halloween so you don’t want part of the orange ‘bits’ to be left in. Something like this:



(Those to be fair when I was taking this picture I hasn’t quite completed the hollowing part, but you get the idea.) 

Do be warned also as this can get sticky and very messy. Once you completely hollowed it out leave it aside for the next part.

Pour your milk into a pan and place it on the hob on a medium heat, keep stirring as milk can stick to the bottom as it get warmer. Only do this for a few minutes.



Then this is the fun part, start adding the Terry’s chocolate orange, add as many as you like, it all depends on how chocolaty you want it to be. As the chocolate melt it will stick to pan so keep stirring it as before. By now you should get something like this:



Doesn’t that look amazing! After a couple of minutes and the chocolate has melted – you could pour into a mug and be done with it. But where’s the fun in that?

Very carefully pour your hot chocolate into your now hollowed orange, it might be an idea to first pour the hot chocolate into a pouring cylinder and then pout it into the orange.

Cut a hole at the top of the orange (the part you cut out first) as this will make it like a lid and this is where you put your straw through.

If you like too add some marshmallow or whipped cream  then go ahead.

And finally by now you should have your finished orange hot chocolate:





Fairly simple and straight forward, also something a little extra this Christmas time.

Let me know if you decide to make this for yourself as I would love to see your result. I hope you understood my instructions and also let me know if you would like me to do more DIY type post in the future.