Christmas party foods

Apart from the presents and the turkey dinner. Christmas party foods make everything so much festive.

It does doesn’t it? Now I adore my traditional Christmas turkey dinner – who doesn’t? And I love opening my presents on Christmas day, my inner child just natural take over with that. I make no apologies.

But Christmas party foods – well it just so much fun to eat and even to look at. It on par with Christmas tinsels and baubles. The home wouldn’t be complete without a plate of mince pies or a Christmas pudding. Every year I look forward to see what yummy delights supermarket will bring out for their Christmas range. It always lovely foods that you don’t see at any other time of the year – which is good in a way as then it wouldn’t be so special.

If I’m at party (laughable I know, when am I ever at a party?), I always go straight to the catering tables. I honestly don’t think it’s a party if there isn’t catering. You know the awkward party guest who sit by the catering tables scoffing sausage rolls all night, yeah that’s me. I’m the terrible party guest who just eat all the food and don’t speak to anyone. Food for me at a party is comfort and stops me being the awkward shy girl.

Why am I talking about Christmas party foods? Well the other night it was my turn to host the local neighborhood association meeting. It’s where a bunch of people just complain about this and that. So it gave me a perfect excuse to stock up on Christmas party foods. So I went into Waitrose and brought a loads of lovely treats.

As you can see I brought the traditional mince pies, but I also brought a chocolate yule log and these adorable gingerbread men cupcakes. I didn’t dare to show my disaster gingerbread men from yesterday.

I lit a gingerbread candle and laid out the table with my treats. The meeting came and me trying to be the hostess with the moistest tried to get people to have some of my treats. No one bloody did. Everybody declined and the food wasn’t touch by anyone that evening. I was most upset and annoyed. I also was feeling like a bad host. Urgh you can’t please people – even around Christmas. Oh well more for me and Richard then.

I still think Christmas party foods does set off Christmas and when you do host a gathering – it always nice to have something laid out. That what I think anyway.

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