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a day at Munich zoo
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A Day at Munich Zoo

What do you do when you got an entire day to kill in Germany? Well if you like us, we went to a zoo. Have I ever told you about that time we spent a day at Munich zoo? No. Well Let me tell you all about it. A few…

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Take me back to Amsterdam

Last year, as I’m sure some of you already know we went traveling round Europe, I’ve already written about my time in Paris and the beautiful mountains in Switzerland  but I haven’t told you about when we went to Amsterdam. We took an overnight train from Germany (Munich to be…

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Why You Need To Visit Switzerland This Summer

Toto I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Last year when we visited Switzerland, it felt like we was visiting Oz. There is always something to see and with cute log cabin hotel with a stellar view overlooking the rolling hills it’s nothing short of romantic. When we visited last year in…

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Europe: Paris

A month ago, we (hubby and I ) backpacked across Europe for two week. The deal was we had interrail passes and to make no real plan ie. just go where ever the wind take us. It was something we always discussed in doing so this year instead of just talking…

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