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Basildon House
Travel, UK

Visiting Basildon House

What a girl to do when she can’t visit a castle for the day, well she visits a National Trust property, here’s me visiting Basildon House. I’m sure I said this before, but I do like visiting a nice big old castle, filled with dark passageways and dingy dungeons. We…

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Top 5 London Retro Inspired Bar
Cocktails, UK

Top 5 London Retro Inspired Bar

The rise of retro inspired bar is nothing new, we devour our love for vintage fashion, film and music so hitting the bar and asking for an old style cocktail shouldn’t be a surprise. This retro-drink culture is officially fashionable as many speakeasy bars have popped up across the UK…

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a day at Kew Gardens
General, UK

A Day at Kew Gardens

As lots of you seem to enjoy my Lewes pictures, I thought I will show some different day out pictures. When I had a day at Kew Gardens. When Richard and I first got together, we use to always travel up to Kew Garden for a day out. It was…

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day in Lewes
Life story, UK

A Day in Lewes

What a girl to do when all she wants to do is explore a castle and to try and enjoys a summer day. Have a day in Lewes off course. In an effort to beat the summer school rush and to try and make the most of summer, we decided…

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free holiday to Santorini
Europe, Travel

That Time I Got a Free Holiday to Santorini

I spent the weekend looking at old photos and I came across these old photos. So I thought now would be the perfect chance to tell you that time I got a free holiday to Santorini. This happened quite a few years go now, it was when Richard and I…

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day out at Brighton
Life story, Travel, UK

A Day out at Brighton

When the weather warming up and with summer right around the corner. It only makes sense to have a day out at Brighton, right? Richard and I have both been feeling over worked lately. I’ve been chained to my desk 24/7 and he has been going here there and everywhere…

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