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Let me be your style agony aunt

  Have you got a burning style question? Looking for fashion and beauty advice and not sure where to turn? Tried to find that perfect item without any luck? Spotted a celeb in an outfit and are desperate for your own version? Well if you’re really desperate, I might be…

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Asos Humour Pink Sandals

The facts that these pink sandals are called ‘Asos Humour’ should mean that they are completely over the tops and look completely ridiculous; hence why they are ‘humour shoes’. Well personally I see nothing humorous about this pair, in fact I see a pink beauty that wouldn’t look out of…

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Fashion, Stuff

A Tribute To Sonia Rykiel

“I realised that beauty was nudity. I wanted women wearing sweaters to have the impression that they were naked. The idea wasn’t to impose outfits but to stay as close as possible to women’s bodies for their freedom of movement.” – Sonia Rykiel As the design world this mourns the…

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Surviving the summer heat

As I’m writing this I’m positively melting, yes I’m back again complaining about the summer heat. It isn’t really surprise, as I’ve mentioned before – I don’t do hot weather, I do rainy weather instead. My office has turned into a complete oven and all my desk fan do is…

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My 10 Favourite Blogging Tools

This is for my friend, Kierna who has just started her blogging journey and I’d said I would help her in any way I can.  It can be pretty daunting starting to blog and getting into the big wide world of the blogging communities, I would say that was me…

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Bomber Jacket & Lady Bug skirt

So I put this outfit on and the first thing Richard, said to me ”it’s very Grease inspired isn’t it?” Oh my boy is learning and like a proud wife, I did confirmed to him that yes that was my inspiration behind this outfit. And who say men doesn’t know…

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