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Visiting Oxford Castle

visiting Oxford Castle

The last thing to show you from my mini visit to Oxford. Me visiting Oxford Castle. That was the big pull for me when I spontaneously went on my little adventure. Visiting Oxford castle – or in fact just seeing any castle. To those who may or may not know, I do love my castle…

Exploring Oxford Archeology Museum

Oxford Archaeology museum

Going back to my 24 hours in Oxford. After exploring the university. I then went on and explored Oxford archaeology museum. Once upon a time I actually wanted to be an archaeologist. Ok laugh at me all you want – but it totally true. If a teacher would ask me what I wanted to be…

Macdonald Randolph Hotel Oxford

Macdonald Randolph Hotel Oxford

Last week I took myself to Oxford. It was a spontaneous trip and very last minute. On this trip, I booked an overnight stay at the Macdonald Randolph Hotel Oxford. One minute I faced the prospect of being home alone for 2 nights, the next minute I was on a train to Oxford. It all…