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continental breakfast
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My Food Story | Continental Breakfast

I’m sure at one point while staying at a hotel you have had this very light breakfast. For me however I’m always having this.  Here is my everyday continental breakfast staple. Whether you are staying somewhere abroad or in your home country, I’m sure you have seen the traditional hotel…

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day out at Brighton
Life story, Travel

A Day out at Brighton

When the weather warming up and with summer right around the corner. It only makes sense to have a day out at Brighton, right? Richard and I have both been feeling over worked lately. I’ve been chained to my desk 24/7 and he has been going here there and everywhere…

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Neal’s Yard Books

Today I’m going to introduce you too something that I found recently and I have been loving so much! Neal’s Yard books. An essential guide to everything you need for foods, beauty and aromatherapy. I’m a big fan of Neal’s Yard, if you don’t know who they are – you…

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Life story

3 TV shows That I Have Been Watching Lately

Watching your favorite TV show in the evening is a great way to chill out. So here are 3 TV shows that I have been watching lately. When a foreign student came to stay with my parents when I was younger, they were surprise to see how everything in the…

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