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    Homemade Lemon Cake

    When life give you lemon, go and bake lemon cake off course! Well in my case anyway go and bake some of momma homemade lemon cake. At the weekend I was…

  • Christmas party foods
    Food and recipes

    Christmas Party Foods Evening

    Apart from the presents and the turkey dinner. Christmas party foods make everything so much festive. It does doesn’t it? Now I adore my traditional Christmas turkey dinner – who doesn’t?…

  • gingerbread men
    Food and recipes

    The crumbly gingerbread men fail

    While some people are gingerbread men expert. For me it’s always the crumbly gingerbread men fail. It just wouldn’t be Christmas by me not attempting some gingerbread baking and plus it’s…

  • Orange Hot Chocolate
    Food and recipes

    DIY: Orange Hot chocolate

    As I’m kind of addicted to hot chocolate and Its nearing Christmas, I thought I would do something really festive and combined the two. Something like the Orange hot chocolate. Hand up,…

  • Top 5 London Retro Inspired Bar

    Top 5 London Retro Inspired Bar

    The rise of retro inspired bar is nothing new, we devour our love for vintage fashion, film and music so hitting the bar and asking for an old style cocktail shouldn’t…