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Finishing A Man’s Look with a Tie Clip

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Let’s be honest ladies, there is nothing sexier than a man in a suit. So if you like your man in a suit and want to give him an extra special look. Here why you need to finish a man’s look with a tie clip. Hands up, who here love the look of a man in a suit? I’m talking well-tailored, well-groomed here. The kind who just by putting on a suit – he can rule the world.  Now I’m…

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Men’s sunglasses

If you asked men 100 years ago if they own a pair of sunglasses, very few would, while on the other hand they would point out that they own at least a few hats. Forward 100+ years and today sunglasses have largely taken the place of a man’s hat as an accessory. What’s so great about sunglasses apart from them offering protection for your eyes? Well, they are also a great way to add personal style to your outfit, and…

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My Own Shirt – Bespoke Tailoring For Men

About the Company My Own Shirts was founded by Chris Ball and Matthew Berwick. The idea for the company was birthed while Matthew was working in Shangai a few years ago and discovered the luxury and convenience of buying tailor-made shirts from the comfort of his home. Matthew met Chris – an entrepreneur, author and marketing specialist – in Turkey in 2011, and the two discussed the possibilities and potential of the Matthew’s idea. Four months later, My Own Shirts…

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