You Beauty Advent Calendar

While we are still munching on left-over foods and sipping on the last of the wine. For me I’m still enjoying my You Beauty Advent Calendar 2016.

I was in two mind about doing a You Beauty Advent Calendar Review, but I had some people requesting that I should do a round-up post. So that what I’m doing right now. First I was like to say a big thank you to everyone who engaged with my Instagram beauty advent calendar videos. It made me happy to know that you were all enjoying the mini instagram series as much as me. As soon I would wake up in the morning, I would rushed to my advent calendar to upload a new video. If you are new to this and want to see the videos – then head over to my instagram to see them.

Overall I was very happy with my You Beauty Advent Calendar 2016. I was pleased with all of the beauty products in the advent calendar.There wasn’t any ‘meh’ products, all very lovely beauty products that I can’t wait to try out.

Once I do test out all the lovely beauty products I’ll do a proper reviews of each items on here. I just wanted to do a round-up/reviews post of the beauty advent calendar on here before properly testing out any of the products properly. I felt the people behind You Beauty put in a lot of thoughts into this beauty advent calendar. However this might be the last year I buy this. I’m thinking for next year I might choose a different beauty advent calendar.

If you like a beauty advent calendar with a varieties of beauty products – then my advice would be to try this one out next year. I also found everything – from the packaging to the products to be top quality and I was overall really pleased with it.

You Beauty Advent Calendar You Beauty Advent Calendar You Beauty Advent Calendar

Go grab yourself a beauty advent calendar next year.