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Annanuttall.com is a uniquely and somewhat quirky fashion women’s lifestyle blog for the young woman. The blog aimed to be visually stylish in terms of shopping pages and photo shoots, as well as being informative and entertaining at the same time. It will be targeted at the demographic of 18-40 year old women who are enjoying experimenting with various fashion styles and lifestyle choice while always being conscious with their well-being. The young women reading my blog are conscious of their appearance and wanting the latest fashion trends but don’t have the budget to splash out on expensive department store designer brands, choosing instead to shop online and find the best fashion trends at a discounted price.

Stats Info:
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Website Stats 10k
Facebook: 400+ followers
Twitter: 1.7k
Instagram: 550
Bloglovin: 1.1k
Pinterest: 1.9k
DA: 30

Sponsored Posts
I’m happy to publish a sponsored post on here. The money from these helps justify the amount of time I spend blogging and not enough time doing my household chore, let face it’s more exciting writing for you lovely lot. Please note for sponsored post It will be me who does the writing. No guest posting.
If you are a company or organisation that would like me to write/publish a sponsored post for you, please email me for my reasonable rates.

I only accept sponsors and promote businesses that I believe in.


I accept advertising on here. There are three size banner ads  that can be bought on a monthly basis and can be started at any point during the month. Ads can only be purchased through the Paypal and will start as soon as the banner have been approved by me.

For a limited time – all advertising banners are £10 ($15):
Here are the sizes available:
468 x 60 
336 x 280
160 x 600
I am open to all suggestions regarding my adverting banners, but reserve the right to turn down any images I feel does not fit the style or readership of Annanuttall.com. For anyone who don’t have a design/graphic programs, I’m happy to help  and can design you a banner. Please note that down when you are emailing me.


A Few Rules – Please take a moment and read the rules.

  • I’m based in the UK so please consider your advertising for your business venture when applying; I will accept advertising from the UK.
  • No advertising or PR correspondent that will link to a foreign languages site, the majority of my readers are English speaking.
  • No advertising to porn/adult/racist/gambling websites.
  • No flashing/animated gif – that will immediately be taken off.
  • No spamming your advertising in my comment box, you will be banned from commenting.
  • If there is an issue with payment, I’m using PayPal then contact me and I am willing to do a bank transfer.
  • I will not do text links – there is a permanent banned on here.
  • I will not be accepting guest posting.
  • I will only accept no-follow links.


My email address: annalisa.nuttall@gmail.com








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