a Topshop problem

Topshop is one of the high street beloved fashion shops, for me, it hadn’t always been one of my favourite shops. However, that is all changing and now there is a Topshop problem.

Growing up, I’ve always been really aware of Topshop, I mean after all that where all the cool kids go to buy their cool clothes. There was a period when I would shop in Topshop religiously, not because I thought I was one of the cool kids – but because I wanted to be one of the cool kids. There was even a period before that while still at school when I thought I was too ugly and small to shop in Topshop; that what all the cool kids said to me at school. (Once I left school, I soon got over – especially when my mum told me it ridiculous and of course, I could shop in there.)

During that period when I would shop in Topshop religiously (just ask my husband, there were many moments when we first met where I would drag him round a Topshop store!) I would happily spend a fortune buying clothes. Maybe because at that time I was still living at home and I was working, so I had all this disposable cash and it was brilliant!

But then as I got older, I found Topshop to be out of my budget. I sort of discovered in my mid-20s that Topshop was quite expensive and I couldn’t afford to buy anything. I and I am sure a lot of other clothes consumer, went somewhere cheaper to buy our clothes along the high street.

And that how it been for me, for a while. Admiring Topshop from afar but not really going the distance and taking a closer look.

That was up until recently, I was up in London Oxford street and I thought to myself that I would take a look at their flag street store. I mean it would be silly of me not to.

Topshop flagstreet store is 3 floor of nothing but clothes. Well ok, one floor is dedicated to accessories. It was at one time the biggest clothes store in Europe, not sure if it still is.

So I went in and took a look at everything, and my gosh a wave of nostalgia washed over me. It felt like old time and it has been too long.

Maybe now I’m older and I’m more settled with life, got my mortgage and job sorted. That I feel Topshop is no longer out of my budget. Not only am I older, but wiser and my style of clothes has changed.

Now I can be of the cool kids and I can now shop back in there, though now I think about it – all the cool kids now shop in Zara.

Me, being me have made a small wish list of clothes that I am loving from Topshop. So that is why there is a Topshop problem, me wanting to buy them all –but not really able to afford it. I’m sure I can buy one item and It won’t break the bank.

I thought I would show you my Topshop wishlist and why there is a Topshop problem.

a Topshop problem

Star Print Wrap Dress

a Topshop problem

True Romance Tea Dress

a Topshop problem

Lace Detail Mini Dress

a Topshop problem

Lace Tier Floral Midi Dress



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