5 reasons why I love September

As I said earlier this week, I’m so glad summer is now finally over. This means I now can enjoy my favourite season and month. Here are 5 reasons why I love September.

I will be the first to admit that summer this year wasn’t too bad. Ok sure we had the unbearable heat around June, but for the rest of the season, the temperature was bearable. On some days I actually felt cold and went to put on my big sweater. How bizarre is that?

But that all in the past and right now I can concrete on not only my favourite season – Autumn but also my favourite month September. You must think it so weird and a little childish to have a favourite month, but really I’m an overgrown child in an adult body. I think you knew that already. I really don’t think there anything wrong with having a favourite season or month. It just means there is one month when you’re not sulking around the home wishing it was a different month or season (yeah I actually do that!) and you can wake up with a smile and look forward to that day.

Anyway, enough rambling, here are 5 reasons why I love September.

It the start of Autumn:

I don’t need to tell you how much I love Autumn, do I? Well since you asked, I bloody love autumn. I love the cooler temperature, the golden leaves – and not to mention the crunchy leaves. The golden glow of the sun and yes, even the grey sky and rain I’m fond off.

Longer evening:

Shorter day and longer evening. I love it when the night draws in and daylight starts to get shorter. It makes the home feel all cosy and warm. It when you can light candles and put an extra blanket on the bed. The longer evening I feel give me the excuse not to go out and to find a comfy spot to have a good read of a book.

It nearly Halloween:

To those who know me, I do love Halloween. Scratch that, I go completely crazy for Halloween. What I love about Halloween is that I can go ghost hunting or do something really spooky. I’m trying to organize something for this year, spooky ghost fun. While some people might complain about Halloween (oh it just money making scheme!) and try to avoid it all together, I go full in and would happily wear a witch hat on 31st October to the supermarket.

It my birthday month:

Yeah, September is my birthday month, not going to give you the exact day it falls on. However, despite me loving September as my birthday month, it a double edge sword as one side I get to celebrate my birthday, but on the other, it means I’m getting older. That the problem when you hit your 30s, you come to the realization that you not getting any younger and oh my god one you will be an old woman sitting in a home knitting in a corner. What a scary thought.

Autumn fashion:

As much as I do adore fashion summer and dressing up, I can’t help but feel that autumn fashion just feel so much cosy to wear. Autumn is very much the season to wear an oversized sweater and to start wearing gloves and woolly hats. While some people might complain that autumn fashion is so dull, I myself don’t see that as I see vibrant Autumn colour on clothes. Its just fun to wear warmer clothes and to feel cosy and comfortable with it.

Those were the 5 reasons why I love September; do you have anything to add?