5 different ways to wear a white shirt

We all have at least one white shirt in our wardrobe. But are you stuck on how to style it? Here are 5 different ways to wear a white shirt.

Having at least one white shirt in your wardrobe is a fashion essential. You never know when you are going to need that emergency white shirt. I also like to think that wearing that one white shirt is the perfect garment to wear for almost any occasion. For example, you can wear a white shirt for work, or a cocktail evening wear and or even as a beachwear.
When you think about it, as fashion trends comes and goes every year. The white shirt is eternal. The white shirt was good enough for all the classic Hollywood starlet; Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and even Marilyn Monroe.
If you don’t have that one white shirt in your wardrobe, then it recommended to find one! Whether you are planning on dressing up or dressing down for the day, as part of your women’s wear you will find that you are going to need that white shirt.
However, if you are unsure on how to wear a white shirt. Or even how to styles a white shirt, then help is at hand. Here are 5 different ways to wear a white shirt.

White shirt with mini skirt:

Find a cool leather black mini skirt and wear it with a white shirt. You can either tuck in the shirt to skirt or tie the bottom half into a knot. Finish this look up with knee high boots and long pendent necklace.

The workwear white shirt looks:

The thing about white shirt is how versatile they are to wear. For a workwear that is both chic and smart, style it was pin-striped trouser and a smart navy blue blazer. Also a pair of killer heels – just show who is boss.
The Casual white shirt and Jeans Look:

If you are short on time and just want to throw on something effortless then you can’t go wrong with the casual white shirt and jeans look. Tuck the shirt into the jeans or leave it loose is entirely up to you. You can even leave it unbuttons with a white vest underneath for a complete causal effortless look.

The white shirt on white:

This is when you style the look head to toes white – ok not completely head to toes. But have your clothes all in white. Wearing a cotton white shirt or shorts is great thing to wear on a hot summer day. Finish this look with black ankle boots and a floppy hat.

The white shirt pinafore looks:

This kind of remind you of school but its such an easy effortless look that you can easily overlook the thought of reminding yourself of school uniform. Think of it as grown up chic uniform that you are going to wear for an evening at a bar with your mates.
Those were my 5 different ways to wear a white shirt. Let me know if you have any advice of your own.
(PS: sorry for some of the images, it was the only images I could use that demonstrated my point, If I get access to a bigger image bank then I will update this post.)

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