4 things you only discovered when you are a ‘grown up’

Next month I will be hitting onto 34 and despite that. I don’t feel very grown up. However, here are 4 things you only discovered when you are a ‘grown up’.

I know I’m in shock as well! I mean who would think moi will soon be hitting onto 34. Na ah not me, I’m 33 going onto 21 thank you very much.

I remember when I was 15 and bored with school, I muttered to myself one day that I can’t wait to be a grown up. Be careful what you wished for kids as now I’m ‘grown up’ I would do anything to be 15 again.

But in honestly, age is just a number and what to say when anyone really feels like a ‘grown up’.

Now despite all me saying that I still had comments from people who had muttered that I’m very immature and childish.

Prrrrft, some people as I had said before – really should think before they speak. What do they know?

I run my own business, I have a mortgage and I’m married. How much more ‘grown up’ do you want me to be? Sure I don’t have children and I don’t’ drive, but so what! And yes I still enjoy the 3 Cs:  Clothes, cupcakes and cosmetic.

So if any young one who is reading this and thinking, oh yeah that will be me one day. Here are 4 things you only discovered when you are a grown up. Just think of it as auntie Anna giving you a pre-warning.

Your money is all tied up in ISA and saving account:

If you think you can have unlimited money to buy that Ted Baker dress, you be dying to buy. Think again mate. As once you reached a certain age and you have brought your own property, your money will soon be tied up in ISA and saving the account. It the whole planning for the future scenario you will hear people repeating times after time. So you can’t actually spend any of your money right now – you have to wait, save and then by the time you reached a certain (scary) age then he money will yours. But by that point that Ted Baker dress will be replaced by a new kind of style.

You don’t just marry the man of your dream – but his whole family:

If you have seen ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, then you might know what I mean by this. I have to admit I really surprised by this notion that when you marry, you don’t just marry the love of your life – but his whole family! You will find yourself taking on his family as well. And that includes his aunt, uncle and second cousin. Don’t get me wrong – I like my husband family – but it just took me surprise that I would also inherit his whole family as well. Do be prepared for that as you will soon be invited to BBQ and family weddings.

You’re no longer a perfect size 10:

Yeah, once upon a time I was a perfect size 10. I spent most of my 20s as a size 10. Then age happens and so does your weight. I wasn’t really prepared for my metabolism to slow as I always thought I would be a perfect size 10. Naaa… You will be forced to join a gym and work out till your body is screaming at you. You find yourself signing your life away to either weight watcher or slimming world. Where you are counting the calories and hearing judgmental comments from people when you want a second slice of cake.

Drinks function that only served wine or champagne.

Once you start work, your organization will no doubt have something called a ‘Christmas party’. A function where you stand around with work colleague and try to talk about anything other than work. Oh also as often with these sophisticated work function, they only served wines or champagne. A drink that is supposed to be for grown up. However, for me, it grape juice that burned (I will never get over that Sheldon quote). It can be awkward and you will get funny looks from people when you request water instead.

So there were my 4 things you only discovered when you are a ‘grown up’. Do you have anything to add?